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Simple Money & Love Spells you can do yourself right now!




Simple Candle Spell


Money Spell


Assemble the following tools and ingredients.


  •  a small green spell candle. These are also called chime candles and can be purchased at Enchantments and other fine magickal supply stores and witch shoppes. 


  • a toothpick


  • a candle holder that will securely hold the spell candle. We recommend for safety sake that you purchase a candle holder made to hold these special sized candles. Modifying a container to hold a burning candle is not safe and may cause serious fire and damage. 
  • a small bowl with a tablespoons worth of honey
  • a small plate with powdered cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and ginger mixed together. 1/4 teaspoon each
  • a small green, silver or gold colored plate. A plate with all three colors is ideal.  A plate that is fire proof is a must!!



Start by having a visual of what you will look like when your spell manifests. Really be able to 'see' the end result. How you will look when your spell is manifest in your life.


Then find a quiet place, have your candle and the tools and ingredients listed above.


Assemble everything within reach, be comfortable and focused. Keep seeing your visual and take the candle and toothpick and inscribe on side of candle, a dollar sign, or other symbols that signify money and financial prosperity to you! (it must mean something to you, not a symbold someone else comes up with, or tells you to use, but a symbol that makes sense to you)


There is no need to cut into the candle with heavy deep pressure, snapping the toothpicks and frustrating yourself. A gentle pressure is all that is needed.


Then when your image is carved as you desire, then hold it again, close your eyes and see again the end result.

Then, eyes open now!, rub the candle with honey coating it on all sides. it doesn't need to drip mind you!!

Just rub it on the entire surface of the candle to make it sticky. The honey adds sweetness to your spell. a money spell that manifests well, is truly sweet indeed!


Then roll the candle in the mixed herbs, they will just barely stick. they don't need to coat the candle heavily. then place the candle in a holder and place on the fire proof plate.


Burn this candle down all the way, preferrably on a Thursday.  Allow the candle to burn all the way out, and make sure you are burning a small enough candle that it will burn out in 30-40 minutes.


Trust! that your spell will manifest. Then start paying attention to just how your spell manifests! Do you find money in unexpected places? Forgotten bills in old jackets or purses? Perhaps people who owe you money suddenly show up in your life to repay! There are so many way sfinancial abundance can manifest, you need to find out how yours does.  Happy spell casting





Love Spell


Gather the following ingredients and ideally do the following spell on a Friday, the day of Venus Goddess of Love.  Though the spell can be performed on any day of the week.


Three candles. Pink for romance or Red for lust, sex and desire.

A handful of pink or red rose petals. Again the desired result dictates the color, see above.

A bell

a tablespoon of sea salt or bath salts ( a love bath salts would be perfect)

rose oil, a few drops

a glass of sparkling pink or red juice

a warm, drawn bath(This spell can also be done in a foot bath, soaking the feet in the water if a full bath is not available.)Just water do not add bubbles or anything at this time. Have the water as hot as you normally desire.


Disrobe, have all ingredients at the ready, and easily accessible.  Light the candles and have them near the bath.

Say out loud "Lovely Goddess bring to me, a lover and love just perfect for me!


Ring the bell three times and slowly sprinkle the salt into the water. Repeat the incantation "Lovely Goddess bring to me, a lover and love just perfect for me!
Run your hand to dispearse the salt. You haven't gotten in the tub yet!


Then sprinkle a few drops of the rose oil on the surface of the water.  Repeat incantation. Finally immerse your body in the water, lay back and sprinkle the surface of the water with the rose petals. They don't need to be many, remember you'll have to clean them out of the tub afterwards!! Lay back, and focus on the candles and softly breath the incantation


"Lovely Goddess bring to me, a lover and love just perfect for me!


Relax into the water and just allow yourself to imagine, not a specific person, but yourself happy, excited, however you will feel with that perfect love, that perfect lover in your life.  Relax in the tub for at least 20 minutes and longer if you wish. then get out of the tub ring the bell again three times and extinguish the candles by snuffing them out, do not blow out. 


Continue to burn the candles that day, or at other times each time they are lit, see again your visualization and quietly whisper your secret lover's incantation  "Lovely Goddess bring to me, a lover and love just perfect for me!




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