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Witch & Teacher 


People find us at Enchantments when they are meant to. 


A magickal master, Mr. Raven Grimassi, once told me, "Ms. Faith, all you can do is create the path (Enchantments) maintain it and make it available for students who wish to walk it.

What they get from it, is up to them." It was one of the most singular fundemental pieces of advice I have ever been given."   


I also learned so much from two other great magickal masters, Ms.Janet Farrar and Mr. Gavin Bone, who both have role modeled strength, wisdom, and a deep respect for the traditons, the ancient ways as well as the scientific principles of witchcraft. 


In my over forty years of being a witch I have learned that this is is life long study. It is not one you can study for a year or two and be a master. 

The path of the witch is filled with many subjects and as a student, not all of them may interest you. 

Yet, the student of magick is not detered, and nonetheless, studies as much as possible. Everything from the heavenly planetary bodies, to the elemental energies of the earth, the natural creatures, from flora to fauna to the study of what lies in between.

For it is important to learn to dwell in this world while slipping between the veils between the worlds that surround us as we practice our magick. We must stay grounded for to become lost in the magickal world benefits no one. 


We study divination, psychic awareness, dream understanding, herbal sciences, spell casting arts, to name a few of the basic areas that will spark off other areas of interest that will then become a life long magickal practice for those who embrace the path of the witch. 


As a teacher who has practiced my own path of the witch for over 40 years, I now teach others, while still studying several hours weekly.


I also work with clients in my witch shop. But there  are boundaries of what we can do for others, for money. So we do not do spells for others. I teach you how to do the spells yourself.  I can assist in helping you with your magick, but you must do the work yourself. I sell the ingredients, the supplies, the books and can help you construct a spell for your specific needs. Please see my services page for more details. 


You may reach Ms. Faith at her shop, Enchantments, Tuesdays - Saturdays  noon- 5 p.m.  



or email me at:


I can also be found on my social media: 


check out my short, informative magickal classes and views on social justice on my You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ShadowWwitch


PLEASE~ ONLY serious inquiries! Romantic, inappropriate, business solicitations or piggybacking your business upon mine will cause my displeasure. One never wishes to cause a witch to look poorly upon you. Be kind, and if not interested in our services, please move on with our blessings. 


So Mote it Be, Shalom, Salam, Peace, Blessed Be! 



The Path of the Witch 



Witch Boutique



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Tuesday:  Noon - 5 p.m. 

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Tarot readings Tuesdays - Saturdays 1 pm - 4 pm 

Please see Ms. Faith's services page to see all we offer! 



The path of the Witch is ancient, mysterious and magickal

It is a path of empowerment, knowledge and great responsibility

Many are attracted to the path, few step upon it , fewer still, succeed in walking it.

For the path of the witch is a life of service, of magicks and learning.

Always seeking to understand the universal mysteries, all the while knowing we
can never master them. - Ms. Faith



"Every fool knows you can't touch the stars,

   but it doesn't stop a wise man from trying."

- Harry Anderson



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