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 Enchantments LLC ~ Store for the Magickal Arts & Spiritual Center ~  

Ms. Faith  Mabon 2022 and Reading Tarot and Crystal Ball

Welcome to Enchantments!


WE ARE CELEBRATING Our 19th Year in Business!! 


We want to thank our loyal customers, clients and wonderful students throughout the past 19 years who have continued their patronage to help us succeed and  keep us in business through lean times and times of plenty.


We opened our small witch shop and school for the magickal arts in 2004 and we are still going strong!


We have helped many people from those wishing to purchase unique gifts for themselves and friends and family, to serious practitioners who have come from as far away as Boston, New Orleans, California, Alaska and even Canada!


We do not limit our wares and knowledge to simply modern Wicca, but excel at offering magickal advice and unique items from many cultures, beliefs and for all magickal needs one may feel challenged by.


We can help you find that perfect one of a kind bracelet, ring, painting, poppet doll. We carry beautiful greeting cards, vintage era stationary items such as wax seals, melting wax kits, feathers, magickal inks, parchment papers, over a hundred varieties of crystals and stones, authentic incense made by Buddhist monks. 


All of our witch crafted items are consecrated and blessed by a real white witch to bring positive energy into your life! 


Enchantments is a witch’s cottage that welcomes anyone who has true magick in their heart.


 We welcome you to come and explore and discover the magick within! 


Blessed Be, Shalom, Salam, Peace, Blessings, So Mote it Be 



From Ms. Faith: 


Greetings Magickal ones!  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ms. Faith, yes, that is my first name and it is my real given name. It is the name I choose to go by in the magickal world. 


I identify as a witch. 


Whether I am a good witch or a bad witch? I try to be a good person, in everything I do, always. Am I always successful? Are you? 


I do not believe in a Satan or Devil. That concept was created by mankind and no such evil is found in nature. A witch is a person who uses natural magicks and is a being of the natural world. As far as whether the magick we do is good or bad magick, I ask my students this question: 


 "Magick is like a pen. Is the pen evil?" 

"What a silly question!" you may respond and rightfully so. 


For a pen may write a love letter.  That is a lovely thing, to be sure. 

Or that same pen could be used to write something very hurtful, cruel and devestating! That would be harmful. What we call evil. 


"Again, is the pen evil? No. It is the person weilding the pen which determines if the actions are good and kind or cruel and evil. The pen is simply, as is magick . . . a tool." 


As far as the person is concerned, whether a magickal person or a layperson, is good or evil? We all can choose to not cause harm to others, not even to ourselves. We can be aware and conscious. We can choose to be kind, to be considerate, to be patient, to be understanding, and to hold our tongues when to not do so would only cause unnecessary hurt. We can love others, stand up for others, even those we do not identify as. Or we can choose to be harmful or cruel. 


The name 'witch' is an ancient word that means 'wise one'. One who knows the natural magicks the earth holds and how to use them. 


Only you can determine at the end of each day if you were a good person that day or not. 


Thank you for stopping by my page and I hope you enjoy checking out the other pages on this site. 


Please note this website is under construction and I hope you are patient with me. Thank you.  




We Welcome all to Enchantments!


We are advocates for all marganalized groups, and believe that magick can be used to manifest needed change in all people's lives. Magick has been used since Biblical times when in the Middle East magickal practice was an industry that everyone understood existed. Even if not everyone utilized it. Magickal spells have been found amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the Caves of Qumran, along with Biblical text and stories, all written by the same people, at the same time. 


Ms. Faith works with the oldest magicks known to mankind and uses ancient techniques, beliefs and ingredients to create the spellwork she uses today. No matter what your specific challenge, whether it is a bothersome neighbor, a difficult co-worker even a challenging family experience,  Ms. Faith can advise you which magickal and at times mundane path to take. 

Take control of your life. 

We create our reality. 

       We can use magick to make needed change in our lives.  

Magick is the oldest science known to mankind. 

It is a natural science with layers of quantum physics. 

It can be as easy and basic as you like or as complex and layered as you desire. 

All magick is unique, as the magickal practitioner, is themselves. 





 Please . . . 

If you are fearful of witchcraft, Wicca and the magickal world.

IF you do not wish to be educated in the attempt to erase fear based prejudice and superstition.

IF you do NOT wish to encourage acceptance, diversity and understanding. . . 

please exit this site, with my blessings and peace1


We respectfully allow those who wish to remain ignorant of our ways their choice. Have a blessed day ~

Ms. Faith ~ Priestess,witch, & proprietress of Enchantments llc



Ms. Faith Teaching class on her new You Tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@ShadowWwitch/videos

 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT USA

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