So you want to be a witch? 



Many people are drawn to this path, some because of the "an it harm none, do what thou will philosophy , and of being able to choose what to use and what to discard in terms of personal spiritual growth.  


There are some who find this path, and who wish to learn the ancient mysteries, and are willing to spend the time and dedication to study and practice, thus expanding their personal knowledge and enhancing their spiritual growth.


There are, then again,  those who seek this path for reasons darker and less stellar than others.  There are those who seek to control, dominate and manipulate others without the 'others' consent.

Oh, ho!! Don't misunderstand me.  I am not speaking of the misguide fools who attempt to use magick and spell casting to harm or manipulate others.  Noooo, I speak of those who would never cast an evil spell, or attempt to harm others through the practice of witchcraft,  yet fail to realize that their actions, guised as that of the witch, are just as manipulative or harmful.


What exactly am I referring to? There are those who practice and follow the path of the witch that use subtle methods of manipulation.  One who speaks in an arcane manner,  who acts as if this is such a special world, many would not be welcome. Or those who insist one must be 'gifted' in some way because of the skills they have aquired. 


At Enchantments I teach that anyone, so inclined, may walk the path of the witch.  The only gift one need possess is the gift of life.  If you are living and breathing, I can teach you how to use the science of witchcraft to your benefit. 


But please, be aware of how you present yourself to the community at large.  Yes, many of us, myself included like to wear garb, jewelry that proclaims our belief in the magickal, and together with like minded people we talk of spells being cast, potions created and rituals performed. 


But imagine this scenario.  A man and a woman, dressed in magickal garb, say a long black dress for her and a black shirt and pants with a long black overcoat that falls to the floor in length.  They walk  into a supermarket to pick up a few items for a ritual with friends. They may have a few tattoos of pentacles or goddess, fairies and the like.  They have silver jewelry with pentacles, and other magickal symbols. Actually they are looking pretty magickally stylish!!  The woman, her ritual make up, with empahsis on the black around the eyes, already applied has the fruit platter needed and is waiting in line with the man.

People have already noticed them, because quite frankly, they stand out as sharply as someone wearing a full length fur coat on a beach in August! 

As people stare, they are given dark looks by the magickal pair, and any conversation overheard is filled with magickal speak. When one person, brave enough to approach because of her interest in the dress of the couple, asks if they are Wiccan, recieves this reply.


"yes, we are.  We can't tell you much about it, it’s very ancient and arcane. As a neophyte you would be taught the mysteries, that is if you could ever find a coven and after the initiations of the mysteries, one could work with you.  Wait a moment, yes, your aura tells me you may have the ability to practice as we do, but that will be decided.  Have you ever worked with the spirit within, or your spirit guides?  Go, be in touch with your deeper self, your spirit guides will show you the way. We can tell you nothing further" 


Wait! What? . . . yep.  This is just a compilation of many conversations I have over heard in the past thirty years or so.  That is not what we’re about. Not the majority of witches and pagans who practice a natural art and look for self fulfillment, not domination and superiority over others.  


Speaking in a fanciful, magickal way only creates confusion and perhaps a feeling of inadequacy from someone just wanting to learn .  This is not positive energy and its not necessary. Being born and raised in 20th century America, let me explain, NO ONE speaks like that naturally.  Witches do not speak like that with one another. We really don’t. Its great if you are Emma Thompson playing the delightful role of professor Sybil Trelawney, slightly batty, ditzy and almost blind witch, in the Harry Potter movie, ‘The Prisoner of Azcaban’. It makes for great theatre but in real life, it makes one look like a delusional fool and it seriously cuts into our credibility as individuals who wish to be taken seriously.  Simply speaking that is. I personally have little time for those who just wish to dress up and play theater, especially if it involves confusing or awe striking another.


This is a path of responsibility, dedication and learning. At least for me and the students I work with. It can be social, fun, exciting, mysterious, challenging, demanding and frustrating. Oh yes!! It can be all of those things and more. It’s walking on a path of magick and mystery, learning and discovery. The path of the witch.


So I ask you again.  You want to be a witch?   O.K.  You can start anytime you wish .  .  .  the path is up to you to take .  .  . 


The Path of the Witch 


The path of the Witch is ancient, mysterious and magickal

It is a path of empowerment, knowledge and great responsibility

Many are attracted to the path, few step upon it , fewer still, succeed in walking it.

For the path of the witch is a life of service, of magicks and learning.

Always seeking to understand the universal mysteries, all the while knowing we
can never master them. - Ms. Faith



"Every fool knows you can't touch the stars,

   but it doesn't stop a wise man from trying."

- Harry Anderson




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